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New Astra and Videos

In the time since my last update, I have made a new batch of Astra with a new design. The design is courtesy of Jack FitzGerrell. There are also some improvements to the underlying electronics.

The dedicated tuner mode has been removed. The tuner function is still available, but now it is a selectable effect, just like any other. The foot switch now operates like standard pedals. When it is off, the LED strip is turned off. When it is on, the LED strip displays the selected effect. Audio is always passed through.

I've continued to add new effects. In particular, I have added a series of "layer" effects that represent bass, mid and high frequencies in different ways on the LED strip. These are particularly useful with prerecorded or electronic music, where you have multiple instruments in the same audio stream.

In addition to the changes to the pedal itself, Nick Goforth has created some very nice videos of Taro and Tobo performing their songs using four Astra. You can find links to the videos on this site's home page.

I currently have a limited batch of Astra available. These are still in the testing phase, so there is special pricing that I don't want to list on the site. Contact me if you are interested in getting one (or more).

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