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The Astra pedal gives you a way to add another dimension to your playing. Unlike regular guitar pedals, the Astra doesn't manipulate your sound. Instead, a processor analyzes the audio signal and creates light effects on a full-color LED strip.

Since the Astra reacts to the audio signal you generate with your instrument, it always stays in sync with your playing. You don't have to program lighting effects and then play to a click track to keep the lights in time with your performance. Just play naturally and the Astra will follow.


The Astra has many different effects and more will be added. Since the Astra can be updated via its MIDI interface, you'll always be up-to-date with the latest effects.

The MIDI interface also allows you to change effects or colors remotely. Use a MIDI foot controller, phone, tablet or PC (with suitable software and MIDI interface) to select the best effect to match what you're playing. You can even have someone else control the Astra for you.


The Astra is not yet available for purchase. If you are interested in getting one, fill out the contact form to the right and we'll keep you informed about its availability.

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